[Thông tin tuyển dụng]_H2 Technology/Chuyên gia Tiếng Anh (IELTS)

[Thông tin tuyển dụng]_H2 Technology/Chuyên gia Tiếng Anh (IELTS)

Chuyên gia Tiếng Anh (IELTS) (Full-time, Part-time, Internship)

What we do?

  • Create and compile language data for our online learning softwares (such as Tieng Anh Moi Ngay or Luyen Thi Pro).
  • Research new effective teaching methodologies, esp. in the context of an online service.
  • Write, Find or Share knowledge useful for learning languages through writing articles.
  • Support / Consult users to help them improve their English in the most effective ways possible.

What we need?

  • Have an excellent command of English with excellent writing & speaking skills, demonstrated by having IELTS >= 7.5
    • Both your writing & speaking score should be >= 7.
    • Having an IELTS certificate is compulsory.
  • (Except internships) Have at least 1 year of experience teaching IELTS (or general English) to teenagers and adults.
    • Classroom experience is preferred although personal tutoring experience will also be considered.
    • Experience during your college years will also be considered.
    • Please provide sufficient information for us to assess your experience.
  • Familiar with using apps/webs for teaching / learning.
    • Please list out all the webs/apps you’re most familiar with and provide any other information necessary for us to assess your experience.

For this position, please write your application email in English.

Salary:  9-16 million per month (after probation).

Contact:  Yến Vi (Ms)-Customer Service